Mainly saddle tops here.For saddle hardware look at the bike sections.


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Troxel Eagle

Troxel Jumbo

Mesinger nr. 1 H-D

Mesinger Nr. 3

Nr. 3 back support

Mesinger racing

Persons King Comfort

Mesinger nr. 2


Mesinger Nr. 2 auto cushion

Mesinger nr. 1

Fits many teens`American bikes,Harley-Davidson from 1910-1914,Pope from about 1915,early teens`Excelsiors and many others.Only available in light brown.Riveted on brackets painted in glossy black.

290 Euro

Fits 1915-1917 Harley-Davidson,some Indians,model 0 for example.Available in light brown and black.On wooden base plate.Also available with Indian head for Indian-Troxel.

320 Euro

Fits Harley-Davidson 1918-1924.In light brown .Riveted on brackets painted in glossy black.

320 Euro

Mesinger nr. 3,available in light brown and black.Fits Harley-Davidson 1925-thirties,Indian 101,Henderson KJ.Riveted on front mounting bracket and half pan painted in glossy black.

290 Euro

Mesinger nr. 3 back support.Made by Mesinger to be fitted to the nr.3 saddle.

120 Euro

Used on most American teens`racers up to the twenties.On wooden base.Beautiful saddle.

340 Euro

Optional on Henderson De Luxe and KJ,used on buddy seat.Available in light brown and black.On pan painted in glossy black.

340 Euro

Used on Excelsior Super-X and Henderson De Luxe.Light brown only.

300 Euro

Light brown only.Fits Henderson 1916-1919.On pan painted in glossy black.

320 Euro

For Indian Powerplus model with Mesinger saddle(most 1918-1920).Light brown only.On pan painted in glossy black.

320 Euro

Light brown only.Fits Excelsior Big X,early Indian Scout.Mounting parts painted in glossy black.

250 Euro

Mesinger Cavalry,beautiful large saddle,standard on Pierce,optional on many teens`American motorcycles.On wooden base,Light brown only.

320 Euro

Fits Harley Davidson single cylinder models 19126-1930

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