Reading Standard

Very rare and very original 1917 Reading Standard,1200 cc.This model was designed by the same engineer who designed the Indian Powerplus motors.Reading Standard were a pioneer in using sidevalve motors.

There is an interesting story about this bike.I found it in Indonesia,hence the B numberplate(B= Batavia,the Dutch name for Jakarta).The seller told me that it had belonged to a Dutch missionary.It was very complete and original when I found it.We had to make very few parts.The motor was overhauled in England and is like new.The gear box has a new lay shaft gear made in Germany.I restored that bike for my private use so I made sure all moving parts would be overhauled.It does not take much to finish the restoration.The carburator needs to be built and some parts must be plated.Unfortunately one exhaust pipe was lost when we moved.We can make a new one for it.

Arguably the best Reading Standard to have.



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