Here there will be parts of non-American origin,some car parts and unidentified parts.If you could help identify these we would be grateful

150 Euro

230 Euro

30 Euro

30 Euro

Ford carburetor,I don`t know of which model.Might be expensive,might be too cheap

Triumph rear hub,good,about 1922(model Pee?).A very good original clincher rim comes with it

Footrest rubbers for mid 20ies Chater-Leas,SV,OHV sports models.Price is for the pair

Steering damper for Webb forks,replica

Anybody knows where that comes from?

Another unidentified American object.Who can tell me what it is?

Please help identify:

120 Euro

120 Euro

120 Euro

What is this?Came from Argentina

Chater-Lea fenders 550 SV model,1927.Original.A keen originality fanatic might want to restore them.Quite rusty.

Oil tank for flat tank Norton about 1925-27

A rear stand that I once had copied when I thought it was Indian.It is something else.Anybody knows?

Maybe early NSU

...two beers!

Front chain guard for 1927 Chater-lea Super Sports model

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