1927 OK-SUPREME JAP,350 ohv

This is a typical British Sports bike of the twenties.Fast and light it handles well.

It has an interesting history.I found it in Indonesia with other 5 OKs,4 Chater-Leas(2 of them face cam)and 7 DOT-Japs.I bought most of them and kept one DOT and the Chater-Lea.These bikes were  imported in 1927 by Chinese dealers Tjee and Lee and were never sold.Most of these bikes incl this OK were in excellent original paint and virtually new old stock.I did not have the financial means to keep them all so I sold the OK to a museum strongly advising the buyer not to restore it.10 years later it came up for sale again and I did not hesitate to buy it knowing well its unusually good condition.Unfortunately the ex owner had stripped the paint and repainted it.Still,it is the closest you can get to riding an untouched Sports bike of the 1920ies.

The original carb control levers come with the bike.The only part missing is the exhaust tube which must be made.It was lost by the previous owner.



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